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Ying Hao Toys 2019 New Product Launch Conference Dolepion Building Block Car Series

Ying Hao Toys 2019 New Product Launch Conference Dolepion Building Block Car Series

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On March 6th, Ying Hao Toys Co., Ltd. 2019 new product launch conference was held in Shanghai Pullman Hotel. The conference invited dealers from all over the country to participate.
At 2:30pm, Yingyuan Luo, GM of Ying Hao Toys Co., Ltd. delivered an important speech, describing the development history of Ying Hao Toys since its establishment 32 years ago and thanking all the partners for their support. Later, GM unveiled the new product Dolepion Building Block Car Series with Marketing Director Helen Chen, Product Development Manager Feifei Zhang And Domestic Sales director Gen Li.
(Yingyuan Luo, GM of Ying Hao Toys Co., Ltd.)
According to the presentation of Feifei Zhang(Product Development Manager of Ying Hao Toys), this new product has been developed for four years. The double-threaded tight structure and the design of the drive switch and battery compartment module make this Dolepion Building Block Car have easy to assemble and disassemble, tightly matched with reliable features. At the meantime, there are various combinations like LEGO bricks, two-wheels, tricycles and four-wheels. Which dedicated to the children's hands-on ability to enhance children's logical thinking, imagination and creativity. This Dolepion Building Block Car has a total of 78 components, mainly based on blocks, suitable for children of different ages, with long life cycle and no spaceoccupation feature. It can be played by many people, which can promote mutual cooperation between children, enhance the parent-child interaction between parents and children. Also, it can solve the parents' troubles about the chaos of children's toys, the space occupied by toys and the irrational purchase of toys.
Now the Dolepion Building Block Car has three patents of design, new and practical and invention, which has covered Europe and the United States and regions.
At the same time, Gen Li(Domestic sales director of Ying Hao Toys), pointed out that Ying Hao toys will upgrade their brands in 2019 to ensure that R & D achievements can be effectively pushed to the market, better safeguard the interests of the products, maximize the value of the products, and achieve win-win results for the manufacturers.
In addition, Ying Hao Toys Co., Ltd. participated in the 24th International Toy Fair and the 55th Shanghai Toy Fair from March 7th,2019 to March 9th,2019.And exhibited thismulti-playingDolepion Building Block Car Series.
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