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Toy parts are too small, beware of baby swallowing

Toy parts are too small, beware of baby swallowing

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In the modern toy products, due to the improvement of the level of science and technology, the more sophisticated and intelligent, but the fine also brings many security risks. The finer toys tend to have many smaller toy parts, such as the wheels of a toy car, the lights of a car, the Barbie accessories like a shoe, a hat, the button battery of an electric toy, or the weapon parts of a machine toy, etc. These toy parts are relatively small and can easily be swallowed by ignorant babies.
    When the baby is two or three years old, it can be said that it is the strongest time of curiosity, and at this time the child can climb and see what he thinks is interesting, he will climb and take it himself, and the baby’s perceptual development drives the baby. When they see something, they have to "try it" and put it on their own body. So parents should pay more attention.
    Now the incident of a child accidentally swallowing a toy part can be said to be a lot of hair. Some doctors said that "the child's trachea, esophageal card foreign body cases are most strange, such as jelly, fruit cores, coins and toy accessories, but the biggest damage to children is the toy parts, such as button batteries, toy keys, etc. "These things can damage the esophageal mucosa, and sometimes it can also cause rupture and perforation of the esophagus, and even life-threatening."
    The best way to avoid children's accidental eating of toy accessories is to choose the appropriate toys according to the age of the children. Generally, regular toy manufacturers will indicate the age of use on the packaging of the toys. As long as the parents pay more attention, they can choose them appropriately. There is also a broken toy to be cleaned up in time to prevent the toy from having plastic fragments or falling toy parts that harm the child. If the old toy is too old, it should be cleaned up in time because it may contain many bacteria and viruses. At the same time, when buying toys for children, parents should try to choose toys that are smaller and smaller, such as the eyes of plush toys, and choose the size of the child’s mouth. Even if the child wants to taste it, there is no way to go. mouth.
    In addition, on these basis, when purchasing toys, if the toy has rope-like accessories, pay attention to the length of no more than 22 cm, choose smooth and burr-free, no sharp edge toys. This is to buy toys through these aspects, plus parents care more about the child, there will be no child accidentally swallowed toy parts.
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