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The 26th Guangzhou Toy Fair has set up an “online branch” for unemployed companies.

The 26th Guangzhou Toy Fair has set up an “online branch” for unemployed companies.

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The first exhibition of China's mainland toy industry - the 26th Guangzhou International Toys and Models Exhibition ("Guangzhou Toys Exhibition", the 5th Guangzhou Children's Car Show) will be held in Guangzhou Poly World Trade on April 8-10, 2014 The Expo Center is held. As the toy model exhibition with the longest history, the most influential and the most professional buyers in China, the previous Guangzhou Toy Fair has won the industry's approval for its scale and effectiveness ahead of similar exhibitions in China.
Due to the limited space of the exhibition hall, the application for booths of over 100 toy companies this year could not be met. In order to help enterprises seize the unpopular business opportunities of the 26th Guangzhou Toy Fair, the Guangzhou Toys Fair officially designated the media China and foreign toy network ( to launch the "Guangzhou Toys Fair Online Branch" (hereinafter referred to as “Online Branch” plan, planned to be dedicated to offline exhibition companies, through the organic combination of the website and the exhibition, uploading the products of the unemployed enterprises to the website, and setting up the online branch; at the same time at the exhibition site ( Booth 1Y02) Opens the window display and displays the main products of the company, and sets up the guide plate in the prominent position of the exhibition hall, so that even if the company fails to exhibit, it can achieve the same effect, and cooperate with online and offline promotion to help the company seek customers and harvest orders. Hotline: 020-66842176).
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